High quality and affordable flowers and foliages from Colombian smallholder farmers

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Our farmers network and cultivation has more than 20 hectares planted of foliages thanks to our link between small flower growers and technology

Portfolio +10 foliages and flowers designed according to the customer needs
Best sellers:
Leather Leaf
Baby eucaliptus
Painted ruscus
Baby eucalyptus
Leather Leaf
Eucalipto Silver
Lily grass
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Meet the people that are changing the reality of the Colombian countryside
Cristian Salamanca:
"I am an example for my family; that's why I get up early every day at 5:00 AM to water my foliage located in the Colombian Andean mountains. Thanks to Petalii, I now have my crop"
Maria Godoy:
"Petalii has supported me so much that I have no words of gratitude. Its collaboration helped me establish my own business and employ my family. I am a persistent and dedicate my work to my loved ones every day"
David Gómez:
"Petalii has guaranteed me to sell new products that previously had no market. I stand out for my knowledge in the flower sector and the quality of my products"
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